This works for Dune HD Players up to Dune HD Base 3D For Dune HD Solo 4K please go to our WIKI PAGE

Generally, entering text is carried out the same way as with most cell phones.

  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: Enter a character to the position pointed by the cursor.

    • First press: enter the first character from a set of characters related to this button. Each subsequent press: you may change the entered character to the next one from this set.

    • 0: enter the space.

    • 1: enter a special character (punctuation marks, etc).

      • Up, Down, Left, Right after pressing 1 (special character entering mode): select the required character.
  • ENTER: confirm selection; finish text entering.

  • SUBTITLE: enter the period (for numeric mode); functions like button 1 (character mode).

  • CLEAR (<-): delete a character to the left of cursor.

  • SELECT (cap|num): switch input mode:

    • abc: character mode, small latin letters.
    • ABC: character mode, capital latin letters.
    • 123: numeric mode, digits.
  • RETURN: cancel the text changes and finish text entering.

  • Left/Right: move the cursor one character left/right.

  • Up/Down: move the cursor to the start/end of a text line.

    • If the cursor is already in start/end position: select another user interface element which is under/over the current text entry area (only for dialogs with several elements of user interface; text changes are confirmed automatically).
  • POP UP MENU: show context menu with a list of available commands. They allow you to cut, copy and paste text using the clipboard, much like it is done on a PC.

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