Huge Firmware Update For Past Dune Models

Dune HD released a firmware update including a huge amount of improvements for previous models. The firmware update is for all old/discontinued Dune HD media players which have more than 512MB RAM:

  • Dune HD Base 3D
  • Dune HD Base 3D v2
  • Dune HD TV-303D
  • Dune HD TV-303D v2
  • Dune HD TV-102
  • Dune HD TV-102 v2
  • Dune HD Connect
  • Dune HD Max
  • Dune HD Duo
  • Dune HD Smart D1
  • Dune HD Smart H1
  • Dune HD Smart B1
  • Dune HD Prime 3.0
  • Dune HD Base 3.0

  • The new firmware includes several thousands of various changes, fixes and new improvements, which were previously implemented during the development of the firmware for the new models. In particular, this firmware includes the following new big features: My Collection, Movies catalog, Music catalog.

    The new firmware introduces the concept of "Dune Plus" subscription. To use some new functions of the new firmware (currently: My Collection, Movies catalog, Music catalog), a paid subscription to "Dune Plus" premium function is required. Initially, a promo period takes place and "Dune Plus" premium function is available for all users for free. After the promo period ends, a paid subscription will be required (with some limited trial period still available for free).

    In other words: "Dune Plus" subscription allows the owners of old/discontinued Dune HD media player models to upgrade their players to get access to features originally available only on the newer player models.

    See the Dune Firmware Zone for more information and download links.
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