The Smart HE extension module allows to extend Dune HD players capabilities with a rack for installation of 3.5 inch SATA HDD with hot-swap support. Besides, connection to a player may be per- formed by either USB 2.0 or eSATA interface.

Also, if desired, the Smart HE module may be used with a PC as a USB or eSATA HDD box. Being connected to a Dune player or a PC via USB 2.0 interface (using the USB Slave connector on the rear panel of the extension module) the module also serves as a USB hub: two USB Host 2.0 connectors of the module may be used to connect additional external devices which are therefore made available to the Dune player or the PC.


  • Extension module itself without legs: 142 mm (width) x 276 mm (depth) x 56 mm (height)
  • Extension module itself with legs: 142 mm (width) x 276 mm (depth) x 65 mm (height)
  • Gift box: 270 mm x 100 mm x 325 mm
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