The "Smart BE" extension module is intended primarily for use with Dune HD players, in particular, any of the base modules (players) of Dune HD Smart family. This module contains a special Blu-ray drive for players of premium class, which incorporates low-noise mechanics and optics manufactured by Sony. This module allows to extend Dune HD players capabilities with playback of original and user-recorded Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs.

The "Smart BE" extension module is equipped with eSATA interface for the most efficient work with a player (eSATA-eSATA cable comes bundled for connecting to a player). Bundled with the HD Smart BE extension module there comes the 12V 3A power adaptor, eSATA-eSATA cable, and the brief user guide.


  • Extension module itself without legs: 142 mm (width) x 276 mm (depth) x 56 mm (height)
  • Extension module itself with legs: 142 mm (width) x 276 mm (depth) x 65 mm (height)
  • Gift box: 270 mm x 100 mm x 325 mm
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